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     Social Media Training Plans       

   Basic  - 2 hours - Social Media Accounts 

    Intermediate - 4 hours - Social Media Accounts 
    Advance - 8 hours - Social Media Accounts  or more (Negotiated)

               LinkedIn          Twitter to Tweetdeck      Facebook    Google+         ....And, many more


                                                                             --Thank you for considering us!

Social Media


Twitter to Tweetdeck



(...more to come)

  • Each plan comes with an optional Monthly maintenance program.
  • Each plan is easy for you to do or you can have one of our educators oversee your website to do the updates for a manageable monthly fee.

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Monthly Maintenance Plans:

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      Training Programs     

   In addition to building out social media accounts, we offer a

   variety of training programs for individuals or groups.  

   Do check our website.  If you do not see what you are

   looking for, contact us.  We have experienced educators

   who can meet most individual or companies' training needs.



 Educational, Business, & Personal Consulting


One time, Training plans:

 We provide:

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  • Training in proper useage
  • Effective ways to meet goals
  • Dangers of inappropriate uses
  • Reach all ages