Are you an educator who is looking for new ways

  to add to your income?

 We offer training in building your own  business

 as an Independent Consultant.  Additionally, we 

 are building a STEAM education resource

 business: we hope you will join us in.    --C. Rubin


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Amazon Connection

Designed just for our clients.

I know I am missing so much by not being on the computer: where do I begin?

  • Time Management
  • Forecast and Budgeting
  • Integrating technology into the office
  • Benefits of Social Media 
  • Sales & Management Training 
  • Team Building 
  • Grant Writing

OnLine Products & Services

Support the educators who train the students!  Let us be your solution in meeting your online business needs.

Information 4 Solutions, a division of Current Instruction, LLC, works exclusively with the world's largest ICANN-accredited registrar, Go Daddy, as a means to provide the best service for our clients.  We provide:

Information 4 Solutions -a division of Current Instruction, LLC.

Personal - Coaching

One is never to old to learn! There can be easier ways to stay current or have clarity of finances, medical, and technology.

Information 4 Solutions, a division of Current Instruction, LLC, provides a variety of resources to stay current in changing times. 

Support the Educators who Educate the Next Generation! Any purchases made through these links directly benefit the Independent Consultants and employees who are affiliated with Current Instruction, LLC. -Thank you in advance for considering doing business with us!

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 Educational, Business, & Personal Consulting



Designed just for our clients.

 On a side note, the Social Media  

 Training program was created while

 tweeking clients' followers.  

 Noted many people have "inappropriate"  

 followers, possible misuse of hashtags,

 and statements they might wish to

 reconsider tweeting..               --C. Rubin





Call 508-565-8595 for a training program

WebSite Development Plans

   Basic  - 4 pages & 4 Social Media Accounts

   Intermediate - Max 8 pages & 8 Social Media Accounts 

   Advance - Negotiated

  • Each plan comes with an optional Monthly maintenance.
  • Each plan is easy for you to do or you can have one of our educators oversee and do the updates for a manageable monthly fee.

--Thank you for considering us!

An easy, reliable, and trustworthy program has been created by teachers.  Check out their Personal Coaching section. 

  • Technology & Internet Basics
  • Managing and Planning your Finances
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning
  • End of Life Planning
  • Understanding Medicare

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Development, Training, and Hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • e-business related software and services 

industry: For Profit & Non Profit

Where Industry and good Training meets.

Information 4 Solutions, a division of Current Instruction, LLC, offers a variety of training programs to meet your company's needs: